Thanks for the memories

I just wanted to say thank you to all of our Folk Alley friends who responded to my first time folk experience. I certainly enjoyed them all and found that the connections we have to this music are so varied but have lasted a life time.

My musical son stopped by today after a week of his first real job at Sherwin Williams (I say “real job” only because this is the only post he’s held since graduation from Kent State University). Paul shared with me a web site that put me a little closer to heaven – at least musically. The web site is called You Tube and features thousands of videos many of them musical footage and videos from artists. I just started exploring the site and found live footage from the Allman Bros. live at the Fillmore East. I’m headed next to check out some of my favorite folk performers, but this could be a interesting idea for Folk Alley. Could you imagine watching a video somebody took of Gram Parsons? Well guess what? There is a Gram Parsons Flying Burrito Bros video, and it’s embarrassing, but it’s so bad it’s good, well kinda.

So some of the Folk Alley crew are heading to Seattle for the iMa conference and I hope we’re on for a web cast Thursday the 23rd. More on that later. So thanks again for your comments on your first experience with Folk music, and thanks to Folk Alley for playing my favorite song while writing this blog. What is it? “Case of you, what better.”

Al Bartholet

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