Talk to Them Later!

I was at a concert this weekend (the entire event will remain anonymous) that was really spoiled for me by the people behind and in front of me who seemed to think that it would be fun to have a running conversation with the musicians on stage. Between the random arm waving, inappropriate clapping and shouting, it made concentrating on the songs a challenge (how drunk do you have to be to think that you are as important as the act on stage – hey, buddy, I don’t care where you’re from). I couldn’t help but think that this must happen to artists all of the time and it must be a pain – especially in a small space. So I hear-by make a pledge that I will only participate if invited. I will cheer in a non-annoying way (apologies to Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies – I really didn’t think you could hear me shriek in a venue the size of Gund Arena. But it was a shrill and extended shriek, so I’m not so sure now. NB – for good or bad, I was not drinking.), sing along in my head unless urged otherwise from onstage, not shout to friends or dance when everyone else is sitting. And, if I have something to say to the band, I will wait until after the concert is over and take my turn.

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