They started as an acoustic bluegrass trio in the mid 1960’s”calling themselves the Strawberry Hill Boys. Soon into their formation, young English singer Sandy Denny joined the band for what was supposed to be the group’s first record. However, Sandy split before the album was released to join Fairport Convention and the Strawbs went back to the drawing board before releasing that debut record in 1969. Within a few years, the Strawbs’ sound suddenly went from acoustic folk, to mellotron filled progressive rock”thanks to keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman. The band would find themselves on the “Top of the Pops” in the mid 1970’s with a hit single “Part of The Union.” But it was that song and sudden success that split the band. Luckily, they continued, and leapt even closer to a total rock sound. In the 1980’s and 90’s, the Strawbs were virtually unheard”save a few odd recordings and concerts. But in 2000, the Strawbs came full circle and became, yet again, an acoustic folk trio. Since the formation of the Acoustic Strawbs, the band has released multiple studio albums, re-formed two separate electric line-ups of the band, and have toured virtually non-stop. In October of 2005, the legendary Strawbs came to the Folk Alley studios to record four exclusive songs for us. They also spoke with Folk Alley’s Chris Boros about their three-decade career of making music. Download the songs and listen to both interview segments below. For a detailed discography and band bio, visit the official Strawbs site here: http://www.strawbpage.ndirect.co.uk/








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