Starbucks Takes Over the Music Universe

Ah, the world, coffeshop waitresses have been replaced by baristas and the most talked-about musical hub favors a caffeine buzz over beer or other mind altering substances. Sure, Paul McCartney‘s Memory Almost Full is only 34 on this week’s Billboard album chart, but this is a CD released by a coffee place. I don’t recall ever seeing a Victoria Secret CD that high on the list. Ms. Joni Mitchell has just signed a 2-CD deal with Starbucks’ Hear Music label with the first album, Shine, scheduled for a late September release (The Grateful Dead also have a CD on Starbucks shelves now, but since the band doesn’t exist anymore, it’s hard to dig up details). Not on Hear Music, but enjoying an exclusive distribution deal is the Dave Matthews Band. Their most recent Live Trax CD will be available in Starbucks restaurants in the U.S. and Canada beginning today (7/21) – this is the first time they have not released a Live Trax only through the Dave Matthews web site. The CD will be promoted on a new Starbucks-branded channel on XM satellite radio – as well as XM’s new Internet streaming service. So, tell me, how is their coffee?

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