S**t Folksingers Say

by Kim Ruehl, FolkAlley.com

You’ve seen the meme around the web – videos posted and shared all over Twitter and Facebook featuring cliched phrases about a certain town or profession. My friend in Austin posted “S**it Austinites say,” my friend who’s a minister posted “S**t seminarians say.” Even I posted to my yoga teacher friend’s wall: “S**t yogis say.”

But what about folksingers?

Once I’ve stopped rolling my eyes at the sheer predictability of it all, I start to feel a little left out. Folksingers say s**t. So, rather than wait for someone else to make the video or write the post, I’ve come up with an entry of my own:

Wait a sec, how do you make a d-minor chord again?

I was up all night with Pete Seeger’s banjo book.

I was up all night reading ‘Woody Guthrie: A Life.’

I was up all night writing a song about Occupy Wall Street.

I was up all night contra dancing.

I was up all night walking on train tracks, just to see where they go.

I was up all night drinking whiskey and thinking about whether or not there’s enough space in my backyard to build a yurt.

I was up all night driving ten hours to the next town for my gig at the Unitarian church.

I wrote a song about my chickens last night.

She’s a little too Ani DiFranco-y.

He’s a little too Steve Earle-ish.

Wanna sing harmony on this?

Can you play mandolin? I just need a quick mandolin solo.

We met and fell in love and built a life together and broke up, in the span of one Kerrville Folk Festival.

I sat in with [insert name] at Folk Alliance last year.

I don’t read music.

I’m just a guitar player.

It’s all about the lyrics.

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