They say that the most unproductive day of the year is actually the day before you go on vacation. I have to admit, I’ve been a victim of that stat on this Monday. I’m headed to Tampa tomorrow for a few days of sun before returning to Ohio to see the Steelers get pounded by the Seahawks (well, we’ll see what happens).

As I check the tally Folk Alley is just inches from hitting the 50,000 mark and we’re excited about getting there this week, probably before the Superbowl. Hitting a high mark is always something to celebrate. I see that our friend Roger McGuinn is celebrating his 10-year anniversary of the “Folk Den” with a new compilation of 100 of his songs. If you haven’t checked out the site I would recommend it for any fan I think you’ll enjoy the site and appreciate what Roger’s accomplishments. The release is a 4 CD box set and Roger will be out on the road promoting the release.

I’ve been listening to the Byrds (Untitled/Unissued) CD. I’ve had the LP for years but I wore it out and the CD has a number of additional tracks. I love the live version of “Lover of the Bayou.” Clarence White and Roger had a wonderful chemistry together and this tune is a demonstration of great musicianship.

So here I am trying to finish the day hoping all is well with all of our listeners and as our friend Elvis proclaimed, “50,000 fans can’t be wrong.” I’m glad you found Folk Alley, always spread the word.

All the Best! Happy Listening!

Al Bartholet

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