Song Premiere, The Mammals, “Lilac Breeze”

They’rrrrrrrrrrre bbbbbbaaaaaaacckk! Yep, it’s true. With their tight vocal harmonies, technical virtuosity on fiddle and guitar, and a sense of intimacy borne out of years and years of making music (and a life) together, The Mammals are back and stronger than ever.

Since there are just a few things happening in the world right now, Ruthy Ungar and Mike Merenda, along with Ken Maiuri (piano), Konrad Meissner (drums), Jacob Silver (bass), and Andy Stack (harmony vocals), figured that 2017 was a good time to get the band back together. Music, after all, can help us figure out what’s going on in the world and can help us figure out how to talk about what’s going on in the world, too.

The band’s first two singles (“Culture War” and “My Baby Drinks Water”) take a strong political stance – they don’t shy away from sharing very honest opinions about the state of the world. But The Mammals know the importance of taking a break every now and again, too. And that’s what “Lilac Breeze” is – a sort of gentle, open the windows and let the fresh air in, soul cleanser of a song. And the vivid imagery in “Lilac Breeze” definitely touches your soul – and your nose, too.

“There’s at least one week every spring when our purple and white lilac trees fill our little Catskill Mountain yard with the most glorious fragrance,” Mike Merenda says. “Last year we were lucky enough to be home during May and I was swept away by springtime’s magic. Whatever I was worried about that day seemed to fade into oblivion. This song attempts to bottle up a little of that contentment, when everything falls into place and you’re happy just being where you are. Easier said than done. It helps to be surrounded by lilacs!”


“Lilac Breeze” is available for download HERE.

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