Song Premiere: The Dustbowl Revival, “I Decided”

You’re feeling tired, maybe a little defeated and heavy. Seriously, who doesn’t want a “reset button” in those situations. For The Dustbowl Revival’s Zach Lupetin, a spontaneous swim in the Pacific Ocean was just the thing to help his renewal and to kick-start some inspiration. Inspiration that ultimately lead to writing a joyfully defiant anthem, “I Decided,” which addresses the questions: “What if the very concept of ‘growing up’ and growing old was in our heads? Who made the rules?”

While the track didn’t make it on to their last release, it was the start of opening the band’s creative flood gates that lead to their 2017 self-titled album. As Lupetin puts it, “no matter how gloomy things look, if you can jump in the ocean, find a little love, and make music with your friends, isn’t that enough?”


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“I Decided” is available – HERE.

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