Song Premiere: Star & Micey, “Get ‘Em Next Time”

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Memphis foursome Star & Micey have been a live touring band for years, but now they’ve partnered with Nashville indie label Thirty Tigers for their studio debut. The album, Get ‘Em Next Time, will be out on March 11th, and for a sneak peek of what to expect, Folk Alley has the premiere of the title track.

“Get ‘Em Next Time” is a rocking, rollicking anthem and is the clearest example of the band’s philosophy – “it’s not about how many times that you fall down that matters,” lead singer Nick Redmond chants, “It’s about how many times you decide to get back up.”

Much like the famous Rocky Balboa quote, “It ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard ya can get hit and keep moving forward.” “Get ‘Em Next Time” is about picking yourself up by your bootstraps and carrying on. In the theme of Rocky, guitarist and vocalist Joshua Cosby says of the song, “It’s about getting back up for one more round in life.”


Get ‘Em Next Time is out on March 11 via Thirty Tigers, and is available for pre-order at iTunes and Amazon.com.

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