Song Premiere: SeekHer7, “Come Back Home”

Folk music in the modern age finds its footing in a multitude of places. Political perspectives and everyday lives, as always, remain pillars of the form, as does spiritual searching, though perhaps with a wider lens than in decades past. These days, it’s not just the Christian God that songwriters call upon; it’s often a combination of Eastern philosophy, Western psychology, and thoughtful poetry that brings the beauty it bears.

SeekHer7, the new duo comprised of Natalia Zukerman and Lisa Ferraro, came together in that spirit and with that focus. Friends for years, the two singer/songwriters recently decided to join forces for a higher cause and a greater impact with an eye toward carving out a space where music, movement, and meditation can safely collide with community, collaboration, and consciousness.

The songs on their debut EP, Where We Begin, put these ideas front and center, particularly on the first track, “Come Back Home.” Over a low-key, jazz-folk groove, the singers float the notion that the proverbial “home” we all long for and look for is not a geographical location or a physical space. Rather, it is a sense of belonging that we carry inside us, whether we know it or not.

“That sense isn’t something found in external things, no matter how hard we’d often like it to be,” Zukerman says. “It takes going deep within to listen for and locate the place that is before the concept of self, is beyond the egoic mind. It’s the connection with the Divine, Spirit, Higher Power, Source, or whatever you choose to call it. It is something deeply personal that, once found, you can always return to and will never lose.”

So, no, this ain’t your mama’s folk music… but your mama would probably like it very much.


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