Video Premiere: Seamus Egan & Moira Smiley, “Mourning Dove”

With the holidays coming, ready to spin us all forward into the cold and dark of winter, we welcome this new, beautiful song from Seamus Egan and Moira Smiley.

The duo wrote “Mourning Dove” after spending a second winter off the road, in isolation in their Vermont home.

Moved by the mourning doves who had moved into a nest near their house, they ran with the imagery of birds longing to be free, and the tenuous relationship between love, solitude, loss, and freedom.

The birds’ “long, mournful calls reminded us of the faith and hope we hold in one another,” says Smiley.

Though the song captures a specific memory from a specific time, its rumination on the emotions that come with winter are likely to feel like balm to so many.

Enjoy this exclusive premiere of the song, from Egan’s forthcoming Good Winter album, due Dec. 16.


Good Winter is available HERE


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