Song Premiere: Lara Downes with Howard Fishman, “All Night, All Day”

When times are dark and all looks bleak—pretty much like these days we’re living in right now—a gospel song provides a dose of hope and an uplifting sound that carries out of our troubles, for a few moments, at least. That’s certainly the case with pianist Lara Downes version of the traditional tune “All Night, All Day,” from her new album Some of These Days. The song opens with a few stately notes on the piano before rolling into a swinging, Gypsy jazz gospel stroll with Django-like guitar strums and lead notes. Howard Fishman’s vocals strike a fine balance between somber reverence in standing before the holy and celebration of mercy and love of angels watching over him all night and all day. Downes says, “I sure am feeling this song right now, as we go to bed each night with so much uncertainty about what the next day will bring. If ever we’ve needed angels to watch over us, it’s now. And we have to BE each other’s angels, watching over each other and keeping each other safe. We have the power to guard and protect each other, and get through this crisis. This song goes out to our community with so much love. Stay safe, stay well, stay strong…”

Some of These Days is out this Friday, 4/3, and available for pre-add/pre-save now – HERE.

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