Song Premiere: Kerry Hart, “I Know A Gun”

Very few artists make a first impression so indelible and wondrous that you know within seconds that they are truly special. In the past few years, Courtney Marie Andrews, Anna Tivel, and Dylan LeBlanc all cleared that bar and even raised it with succeeding efforts. Now comes Kerry Hart making a play of her own to join their ranks.

In her case, the very first impression on “I Know a Gun” is simply her intoxicating voice, layered loosely on top of itself. It feels intentionally languid and coy in its meandering, as if purposely playing hard to get. Some 30 seconds in, a softly shuffling snare underpins a warm acoustic guitar, but Hart still lets her voice carry the bulk of the song’s lovely burden.

The topic at hand finds the narrator calling someone out on the carpet for living in either denial or dishonesty about how they are handling their current, seemingly destructive, situation. It’s a tale as old as time, made new again by a refreshing voice who will, with any bit of luck, continue to impress to at least the degree she does here.


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“I Know a Gun” – also available HERE.

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