Song Premiere: John Reischman, “Cascadia”

Like a refreshing breeze, John Reischman’s lilting mandolin runs swirl around Chris Eldridge’s crisp guitar chords and licks and Trent Freeman’s capering fiddle, lifting us higher and higher into the bracing air of this invigorating tune. The notes of each instrument mimic the other in a call and response style in an innovative Celtic reel whose beauty grows out of the twinning and tripling of the phrases and notes. “Cascadia” is the new single off of Reischman’s forthcoming album New Time & Old Acoustic, and the song balances the tenderness of old time music with the circling rhythmic innovations of bluegrass. As Reischman says of the song, “’Cascadia’ started out as a slightly Celtic sounding fiddle tune. Once I started experimenting with different chord changes something else was suggested , and it became more of a new acoustic piece. Once I settled on this approach I chose the appropriate musicians – Todd Phillips, Chris Eldridge, and Trent Freeman.”

“Cascadia” is available – HERE



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