Song Premiere: Jackson Scribner, “Family Gatherings”

North Texas songwriter, Jackson Scribner has one of those intriguing voices that make you lean in and listen. His voice runs atop a meandering melody (has he been listening to Mary Gauthier?) on his new song “Family Gatherings,” which Folk Alley is happy to debut today. He explains the meaning:

“‘Family Gatherings’ is a song I wrote about my family holidays. My family is extremely large, which is great, but sometimes I don’t know some of my cousins or other family members that are there. It’s kind of this mutual understanding that you have with your family members, especially in a large family, that you may not see certain family members for an entire year, but you know you always have them as family.”

So you’re taking a quiet look at a stranger that you have nothing in common with. They don’t know the songs you’re playing on your guitar and they’re not going to remember you next time they see you. You’d rather watch the rain fall than go to this party, even though they always will be your family. Despite the irritability in what he’s saying, the lovely melody flows as if it’s carrying Jackson through this uncomfortable and awkward family holiday party. The best part is that he’ll leave as soon as he can while taking that sweet melody with him and hopefully a to-go box full of holiday treats.

“Family Gatherings” is available HERE

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