Song Premiere: Ellis Paul, “Gold in California”

Ellis Paul’s lilting “Gold in California” wafts in like the gentle breezes that blow off the Pacific. Shimmering ukulele strums and crisp guitar notes flow over lush layers of accordion in this upbeat ode to the beauties of California.

The sparseness of the song’s first verse issues a warm invitation for listeners to join Paul on his musical journey before blossoming into a sonic spaciousness that conveys the breadth of the state he longs to visit. In its spare musical opening, the song captures the yearning of the singer to dwell within the borders of the golden state. As “Gold in California”—from Paul’s new album 55, out on June 9, 2023—picks up tempo, it opens joyously, with a swirling rhythm just right for swishing across the dance floor.

Ellis Paul writes that “’Gold in California’ is another song written about a place the pandemic kept me from. I wrote this with Kristian Bush, with me dictating him the story over a breakfast table at a Nashville hotel. Kristian made musical responses to my ideas like he was translating my words into another language of poetry and music. He and I write well together, we are good friends. I told him I could picture the bluff above Big Sur, California and all the loves I’ve taken there. It’s a spiritual home for me, so I like to share the place. There’s so much of a creative draw there—to write, to paint, to drink wine with someone you love. I hope to live there someday. We captured how it makes me feel.”

More about 55, out on June 9, 2023, HERE.

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