Song Premiere: Dori Freeman, “Just Say It Now”

by Elena See, Folk Alley

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It can be a real challenge to keep your heart and your mind open to the possibility of love. After all, if you’ve been hurt and disappointed in matters of the heart – and who hasn’t? – why in the world would you ever believe things would change? It can be especially challenging to maintain a sense of positive open-mindedness when love lets you down over and over…and over again.

Virginia singer Dori Freeman says it best: “I wish that lovin’ didn’t have to be so hard.” It was 2016 and she’d just had her heart broken – again. “I was just sort of reflecting back on the common themes of the letdowns in my past relationships,” she says. It was out of those ruminations that “Just Say It Now” was born.

The song, which you’ll find on Freeman’s new album (another Teddy Thompson produced affair) Letters Never Read, and which features Aoife O’Donovan on backing vocals, is an exasperated demand for a once-and-for-all-answer – tell me how you feel, don’t lie about it, and let’s either move forward or stop altogether.

It doesn’t seem like an unreasonable demand at all; and yet, the ghosts of Freeman’s past relationships don’t want to respond. “Just say it now before the silence makes me cry,” she sings. “From the beginning I knew you would say goodbye. And now I’m back to doing what I was before – wondering what men are ever looking for.”

Fortunately for Dori Freeman, her romantic luck has since changed: she and musician Nick Falk (who plays drums and banjo on the new album) got married last year.


‘Letters Never Read’ comes out on October 20th and is available for pre-order at iTunes and Amazon.com.

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