Song Premiere: David Benedict, “Bish Bash Bosh”

Artists in Their Own Words – Song Premiere

Artist: David Benedict (of Mile Twelve)

Song: “Bish Bash Bosh”

Quote: Hard to believe that it’s already been a year since the release of my album The Golden Angle. It really was a dream project to work with such amazing musicians! Now a year later, I’m celebrating by putting out this previously unreleased track from the album. The tune is called “Bish Bash Bosh”— a term I picked up from my wife who’s from Northern Ireland. Basically, the phrase means “that’s that.” And that sums up this tune very well. This straightforward arrangement of the music really showcases the dead on playing from Mike Barnett (fiddle), David Grier (guitar), and Missy Raines (bass). Hope you enjoy!

Also, for any fellow mandolin nerds, I’m further celebrating the anniversary of the album with the release of a transcription book of all the mandolin tunes and solos that I played on the album. The book features tablature and standard notation as well as many pages of prose of behind-the-scenes info on the composing and recording process. Happy picking! – David Benedict


The Golden Angle transcription book is available HERE.

“Bish Bash Bosh” is available at iTunes and Amazon.

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