Song Premiere: Amy Ray, “A Mighty Thing”

Amy Ray announces today that her tenth solo album (in addition to the sixteen she’s released with Indigo Girls) is due September 16 on her own Daemon Records label. The disc, If It All Goes South, will see a vinyl release in early 2023.

The lead single, “A Mighty Thing,” is a country-tinged romp through the hypocrisy Ray notices from some Christian preachers. Ray, who was raised in the church and remains committed to her faith, has occasionally explored the topic in her songwriting, but never with such directness.

To elucidate, she tells a story about attending a friend’s funeral in North Georgia, where the preacher excitedly declared, “You can’t beat that deal [about Jesus].” Ray was moved by the enthusiasm of his faith but adds that, later, “I thought of all my self-loathing and years of healing I needed to get past the negative parts of my church life. But I will never lose hold of the positive things and all the teachers that taught me about the true gospel of love in every aspect of my life. One thing I know for sure: Fear is what keeps us apart, and this song is all about that too.”

To record “A Mighty Thing,” she enlisted the mandolin skills of Sarah Jarosz, who came to the studio straight from the airport and spent seven takes laying down instrumental and vocal tracks. It also features Allison Brown on banjo and Ray’s live touring band to round out its lush, harmony-driven earworm of a chorus.

Enjoy this advance track available here on Folk Alley.

“A Mighty Thing” is available HERE  

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