Named for an Irish word meaning “light,” Solas is one of the most talented and distinctive Irish traditional bands in America. Since its formation in 1996, the band has enjoyed a shifting coterie of virtuosic singers and musicians. Yet, while many of the band members, both past and present, have produced solo albums, Solas relies upon its ensemble playing to truly shine.

While on tour in support of “The Turning Tide,” Folk Alley’s Jim Blum spoke with Solas’ current lineup: leader and multi-instrumentalist Seamus Egan (flute, tenor banjo, mandolin, tin whistle, guitar), Winnie Horan (fiddle), Mick McCauley (accordion), Eamon McElholm (guitar, keyboards) and Mairead Phelan (lead vocals). In the interview, the band discusses their latest album and the untraditional direction they’ve chosen to take their music.



Hugo's Big Reel

The Seven Curses

The Poor Ditching Boy

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