So, what about Dylan?

I pulled this comment out of another post because I think it warrants discussion. As a reminder, Willie Nelson and The Greencards are also on the bill (check Pollstar for the latest official ticket information on the ballpark tour):

“I’m looking for an opinion from someone who has seen Dylan lately. He was a hero of mine in my formative years, and I’ve seen him a number of times – in ’74 in Toronto with the Band (great), in ’76 in Pensacola with Rolling Thunder (very good), in ’78 or so in Baltimore with the Street Legal tour (pretty good), then again two consecutive years in the early ’80’s in Pittsburgh – the first year he was terrible, sounding like a parody of himself, the second year he was much better, but not real memorable.

He and Willie (saw him in DC in about ’77 – good show but the Capitol Center was a terrible place for a concert) will be playing an outdoor gig at Metropolitan Park here in Jacksonville, so I’m wondering whether I – with my skeptical outlook – should attend. I’m spoiled by seeing great folk and bluegrass acts at small venues, festivals, and in the house concerts that I host. These are two legends, but will I be disappointed again.

If it weren’t for Dylan, I might not even be into folk music today, I might not play the guitar, my whole life may have turned out differently. I may have become a republican…well, I won’t go that far. I acknowledge that he’ll never release another Blonde on Blonde or a Highway 61 again, but each of his recent releases have had their moments.

What do you think? Will it be worth my $40?

-Ken in Jax”

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