Six Songs That Inspired Annabelle Chvostek

By Annabelle Chvostek, for Folk Alley

As part of Folk Alley’s Pride Month feature, we’ve asked a handful of LGBTQ+ artists to make a list of the songs or artists who most influenced them.

This list was written by Annabelle Chvostek and artist-written lists will be running throughout June, alongside the Pride-themed playlist in the Classic Folk stream.

Ani Difranco – “Circle of Light” and “If It Isn’t Her” 

This pair of songs from this album are so queer sexy, it blew my mind when I saw her play them. A night I will never forget as an 18 year old figuring myself out.  Never had I ever heard anything like that. So exciting.

Rose Polenzani – “Olga’s Birthday”

A beautiful, dark, intense song that tells a story of someone struggling hard with a queer love.  I super vibed to this, discovering Rose in the 90s.

Tracy Chapman – “For My Lover”

Gorgeous raw pathos, such beauty.

Pete Seeger – “Little Boxes”

I’ve always loved this song, since I was a kid. I’m never gonna fit in that box.

Indigo Girls – “Romeo and Juliet”

Amy Ray and her acoustic guitar stepped into the Romeo role right here, with her heart on her sleeve, with an acoustic cover of a Dire Straits tune. So good! And so much better than the original. I must have listened to this version a million times.

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