Shannon McNally

Shannon McNally followed Los Lobos to LA and was signed by Capitol for her debut release. “Jukebox Sparrows” put McNally on the Americana map when Rolling Stone gave the CD 3 1/2 stars. But, on a trip to New Orleans the city spoke to her, and that’s where her heart went. Displaced by Hurricane Katrina, McNally and her band moved to Mississippi and found more inspiration for their music from the community and the musical traditions that surrounded them. Along the way, McNally has built a large fanbase for her guitar-driven, bluesy folk sound. Now, she is also finding a fresh perspective as a new mother who has added a baby to her band’s line-up. She visited Kent State University’s Franklin Hall for an interview with Jim Blum and to shoot video performances with her crew.


Bohemian Wedding Prayer Song

Holdin on

Jack Be Nimble


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