Send Us Your Favorite Road Songs

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Recently Folk Alley host, Elena See, shared 5 of her current favorite “road songs” as part of the NPRMusic.org Road Songs series. Check out Elena’s list on NPR Music and listen to her choices.

This gave us the idea of inviting Folk Alley listeners to share your favorite music that you reach for, or load into the iPod, before pulling out of the driveway for a summer road trip.

With your help, Chris Boros will assemble a special “Summer Road Songs” on-demand side stream in a couple weeks. So – please tell us your favorite CDs that you “never leave home without,” or the songs you’d include in a mixed tape before taking that crazy drive from Boston to Chicago for a deep-dish pizza. If your boss is a slave driver, and you won’t be taking vacation this summer, we’d like to know what songs represent to you the “freedom of the open road,” as you dream from your desk of flooring it across Death Valley with the top down – Thelma and Louise style.

To get us rolling – WKSU’s Mark Urycki shares these songs that are among his favorite “road songs.”

“Refuge of the Roads” – Joni Mitchell – Hejira
“Amelia” – Joni Mitchell –Hejira
“Willin'” – Little Feat
“I Know You Rider” or “Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad” – Grateful Dead

Please tell us your favorite road songs!

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