Stephen Seifert & Jerry Rockwell

Jerry Rockwell and Stephen Seifert are nationally recognized mountain dulcimer players – something not very many musicians can say. Although an instrument that has strong ties to Appalachian tradition, it doesn’t show up in bluegrass, or jazz, or symphonic music and even folk fans can be guilty of pigeonholing it in its own little world. Rockwell and Seifert want to change that by focusing on the dulcimer’s range and the possibilities that lie within. Both men perform and teach, as well as producing instructional texts and videos as lap dulcimer authorities. Rockwell also handcrafts dulcimer – for himself and others. By choosing his woods and strings and fashioning the end product, he is reviving a tradition while creating a custom instrument that wouldn’t otherwise exist. In this special interview with Jeff St. Clair, Rockwell and Seifert discuss the challenge of playing a less popular instrument, the legacy of dulcimer great David Schnaufer and an optimistic future for the “Rodney Dangerfield” of traditional instruments. VIDEOS
“Light Into Darkness”

“Old Joe Clark”

“Whiskey Before Breakfast”


Stephen Seifert & Jerry Rockwell Interview

Whiskey Before Breakfast

A Light Into The Darkness/The One Life

Harrison Town

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