Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen

Harvey Reid calls himself a Modern Minstrel and says that he has never held a “real” job, unless you count playing music on street corners a career choice. His talent on guitar, autoharp, mandolin and a variety of other stringed instruments assured that his decision to be a folk singer/songwriter was the correct choice. In 1981 he won the prestigious National Fingerpicking Guitar Competition following it a year later with a win at the International Autoharp Competition. He quickly migrated from city streets to small clubs to larger performance venues to his own independent label, Woodpecker Records. Along with being a full-time musician, he also developed all of the partial-capo configurations in use today and he literally wrote the book on folk guitar – the college textbook Modern Folk Guitar. He was also the first performer to endorse the fledgling Taylor Guitars. Reid plays his original songs and a variety of tradition-based styles, all with dazzling dexterity. Singer/fiddler/songwriter Joyce Andersen is a fresh voice in the folk music world. A talented instrumentalist, she’s won over fans and critics with her engaging songs and lyrical voice. Together, she and Reid create music and a life together in the Maine woods. Their duo recently became a trio with the addition of son Otto, who was born at home in August 2005.






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