Peter Case

As a teenager, Peter Case left Buffalo to sing on the streets in San Francisco. He slept in an abandoned truck in a junkyard and carried a fork in his pocket in case someone offered food. He went from punk to folk. Today he has almost 20 albums, and a 3-CD compilation released in 2006 that’s a tribute to him with John Prine, Maura O’Connell and Dave Alvin singing his songs. He has also been nominated for a Grammy and has an autobiography called “As Far As You Can Get Without a Passport.

Jim Blum talked with legendary singer/songwriter Peter Case in the studio about getting calls from George Martin, leaving Buffalo for California, a Peter Case tribute collection, the new film about him and the musical journey that has taken him through blues, punk, pop and folk.



Interview and Performance

Underneath the Stars

Ain't Gonna Worry No More

I Shook His Hand

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