Our Fall Fund Drive

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Our Fall Fund Drive in underway as we celebrate our 5th year of streaming folk music!

We’d like to congratulate Fran Bates of Beaverton, Oregon for winning our Pre-Stream Drawing for a Box of 25 Folk CDs. Fran was randomly selected out of 147 entrants as the winner of the drawing. We hope you enjoy the CDs, Fran – there’s a great collection of music on its way to you!

As I write this, so far we’ve heard from 247 listeners and have raised just over $24,000 towards our goal of $100,000. $76,000 left to go in order to meet the Juliano Challenge and receive an additional $20,000! Truthfully, fund drives are always a nerve wracking experience because although we know we have 10’s of 1000’s of listeners all over the US and abroad, our survival depends on whether what we’re doing is something worthy of our listeners’ support. In short – without your financial support, Folk Alley ceases to exist.

But – the great part about fund drives is reading all the wonderful comments and feedback that we receive from our audience.

Here are some recent listener comments left on donation forms:

“I listen to Folk Alley every day at work and love being able to get a great mixture of classic folk artists and the latest up-and-coming artists on the folk scene right here in my office. Keep it up, Folk Alley!” ~ Tracy, a new member from Decatur, Georgia

“Folk Alley is the most awesome music station I have listened to in my life. It is so very hard to find folk music anywhere in our society today. I teach computer literacy to 350 children each week and we play your station in the lab daily. It is wonderful to see the children get to listen to music they would NEVER be exposed to in their lives. Thanks Folk Alley, you keep American ALIVE AND WELL.” ~ Jane, a renewing member from Ruidoso, New Mexico

“What a sad world it would be if you guys ever went off the air. Keep up the great work. I listen whenever I can at work or home. Your music sunshine brightens all of us who listen.” ~ Daryl, a renewing member from Santa Monica, California

“Congratulations to you all for 5 years of dedicated service to the folk music community. As well as enjoying the excellent programming, along with membership privileges, the Village Jammers have made some good friends through Folk Alley. Thank you for making this possible for all of us. May the circle grow unbroken for a long, long time. Enjoy a well deserved celebration.” ~ Mike, a renewing member in Westerly, Rhode Island

“Best thing I ever found on the Net.” ~ Lucy, a renewing member from Jasper, Alabama

“Earlier comments that I have made always referred to how soothing and uplifting I found Folk Alley to be. I can now add healing to the list. Folk Alley was my constant companion after my quadruple bypass in mid-May. Bless Folk Alley and all who create her.” ~ Michael, a renewing member from Victoria, Australia

“I have moved from Massachusetts and love that I can get the same great music anytime, no matter where I live. This is my fourth year listening to Folk Alley, and my second year as a member. Keep it up, guys and dolls.” ~ Samuel, a renewing member from Parkton, Maryland

“I listen to Folk Alley at 7am when I get to work…and the day just gets better and better…congratulations once again.” ~ Peter a renewing member in Montreal, Quebec

“My donation is a small payback for what I get from Folk Alley. I listen almost on a daily basis and always enjoy the eclectic blend of music and insightful commentary.” ~ Tim, a renewing member from Spearfish, South Dakota

“Have been enjoying your podcasts for a few months now. I like the variety of music, the open mic sessions and the concerts are really great. Keep up the good work and look forward to hearing and seeing more and more of what makes this nation great. Hearing the hearts of the people through song.” ~ John, a new member from Canyon Lake, Texas

“We love dancing to Folk Alley’s music on the weekends with our baby.” ~ Lara, a new member from Worcester, Massachusetts

“We really appreciate Folk Alley, which we stream to our stereo system in the house. The cable company has dropped our FM service for local FM, and antennas do not work here, so we are dependent upon great stations like yours. Thank you.” ~ Ron and Sally, new members in Malibu, California

Please feel free to leave your comments here too, if you’d like! And we hope that if you haven’t done so already, you’ll visit our support page soon to help us reach our fund drive goal so that we can pay the bills and continue to stream great folk music to you for years to come. Thanks!

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