Only 10 More Days Til I Load Up the Xmas CDs

For those of you who barely make it through the holidays without trying to strangle a mall Santa, don’t worry – I mean at home, not on Folk Alley. We will be sprinkling in some holiday flavor, but for me, the day after Thanksgiving means it’s all Christmas, all the time in my automobile (which has been a little touchy lately – nothing a giant helping of nog won’t fix). I have a large collection of music, some more beloved than others. Nothing is worse than looking forward to a CD and having it end up being only pedestrian. The bad thing about holiday music is that there are only so many songs to go around – so there are many repeats in my rotation. BTW, my family is not religious, but my dad lives for Christmas (go figure) so the music just makes me feel safe and happy. When I’m feeling down, sometimes I’ll sneak a listen to the forbidden sounds in months that don’t end in -er.

So here are a few of my (and I stress my) favorites. If I’ve left something off, make sure and tell me. It’s time to start a second wallet of tunes.

Ann’s list:
** Kingston Trio – Last Month of the Year (mmm, mmm, good)
** The Roches – We Three Kings (my current favorite)
** Asylum Street Spankers – A Christmas Spanking (naughty)
** Time-Life Treasury of Christmas, vol. 1 & 2 (a little bit of everything)
** The Chieftans – The Bells of Dublin (a gift from my great brother)
** O Christmas Tree (bluegrass for the holidays)
** Ray Conniff & the Ray Conniff Singers – We Wish You a Merry Christmas (spray cheese in a can)
** Dean Martin – A Winter Romance (see above)

Ho, ho, ho, hee, hee, hee!

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