On My Kent State Folk Festival Experience ~

So, I missed my flight due to a major traffic hold up on my way to the airport. Now, many of my friends and family members would not be surprised that I missed a flight being the space cadet that I am, but this flight was not one to miss! A traffic accident near Shakopee, MN would put me at the airport only 15 minutes prior to my flight, just in time to see my plane pulling away on the tarmac. I grew increasingly discouraged as each flight I tried to get on stand-by was too full for a folksinger…as passengers clad in OSU and Browns jerseys piled on board. I moped around the airport calling Linda Fahey to give her updates now and then. She was supportive and reassured me that it would be okay to come later. At each flight (3 of them) I begged with all of the humility I could muster, but wasn’t let onto a flight until 3:50pm Central Time, which would put me into Kent just as Bearfoot would begin playing followed by Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet. Discouraging, yes….but WAIT!

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