On a Totally Different Subject – Who’s Heard the New Dylan?

Bob Dylan’s new album, Modern Times, came out today. Rolling Stone gave it five stars, but I want to know what you think about it. Folkie, Rocked out, somewhere in the middle? Zak (one of our young graphic designers) drove out to Best Buy and bought it first thing this morning. He hasn’t had a chance to listen yet (something about going to class and a dead iPod battery). Have you?

Dylan’s not the only one releasing new music this week. Also out in the U.S. as of Aug. 29: Pete Yorn – Nightcrawler, Ray LaMontagne – Till the Sun Turns Black, The Kingston Trio – The Essential Kingston Trio, Teada – Inne Amarach, Sam Hinton – Whoever Shall Have Some Good Peanuts, The Grascals – Long List of Heartaches, Catie Curtis – Long Night Moon. All reviews welcome.

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