Oliver Schroer – Dead at 52

When I started to write this, I put fiddler in front of Canadian Oliver Schroer’s name. But, that doesn’t say enough. He played folk violin with jazz, world and experimental music influences and developed a truly unique sound. Schroer was also a teacher who brought his instrument to a new generation. I met Schroer when he traveled south with James Keelaghan for a concert near Cleveland. They were both staying with Jim Blum and I was lucky enough to hang out with the group after the show. Schroer impressed with his knowledge of a wide range of subjects and his extreme height, capped by a mohawk. It was one of those magical outdoor concerts where the music and darkness of a country night envelope the audience and create a moving and memorable experience.

Oliver Schroer died this week in Toronto after a long battle with leukemia and he will be missed. Read more in this article from the CBC.

See Oliver in action:

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