Okay so not everybody LOVES fund drives…but we love hearing from you!

We know that you’d rather be listening to the stream, uninterrupted; and we’d much rather be focused on the music than the business end of things too, but the one thing we truly enjoy about fund drives is that we get to hear from our listeners. In a normal week we might receive two or three letters from people who have just discovered Folk Alley…but during fund drive time, your comments come flowing in.

Here’s a short sampler of the comments we received recently. Thanks all of you for listening, and thanks for your support!

“I stumbled upon Folk Alley about six months ago, and have been a devoted listener ever since. I only wish I could listen to it when traveling in the car. I am delighted to hear that folk music is still alive and kicking. I enjoy the blend of moldy-old fogeys and the new artists. Great stuff. I want to do my bit to keep Folk Alley going.” ~ Joan Shinnick from Brunswick, Georgia

“I love Folk Alley – I am a Canadian working on rotational assignment in the oil industry in Libya and listen on a regular basis by internet connection. Keep up the great work.” ~ Bill Cook from Calgary, Alberta

“I listen to Folk Alley every day at work. It goes on in the morning and doesn’t come off until I turn off my computer at the end of the day. It’s so great, like listening to my own record (yea, I still have a lot of LPs), tape or CD collection. When I asked my husband if we should continue supporting you, he said, ‘Yeah we use the service enough to pay for it.’ $7 a month, seems like a lot better pay off than the $47 a month for satellite TV. Thanks for the wonderful music.” ~ Susan Gilbert from Madison Wisconsin

“I enjoy having Folk Alley played throughout my home via the Slim Devices Squeezebox. Folk Alley plays a wonderful mix of music closest to my absolute musical taste. I like running to the Squeezebox to see the artist and song when a good tune comes on. I can thank Folk Alley for turning me on to many new artists whose CD’s I have purchased. One of these artists, Martin Sexton, I am seeing in concert next month. Keep up the great work.” ~ Randall Thomas from Brooklyn, New York

“I LOVE Live from Folk Alley and can’t wait to download Richard Shindell, for one. …. I am moving to Guatemala…I will have a WiFi card and will continue listening. Keep up the great work.” ~ Carol Anderson from Solola, Guatemala

“Hey Folks, We found you over a year ago. I can’t believe that not everyone who listens to you doesn’t support you financially. Over the years I’ve found some great folk programs, but with Folk Alley we have what I truly think represents the soul of America and the World. Thank God for sanity and a view of what can be. Keep up the good work. We all listen here in our offices and at home and never tire of your great choice of music.” ~ Pat Barrett from Anacortes, Washington

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