Notes on Social Networking

I know that I have obsessive compulsive tendancies. Lately, they have manifested themselves in my posting on a long list of social networking sites. While I was there, I thought I might as well set up Folk Alley groups for anyone else who might be hanging around. I also posted articles about folk music, but people seem more interested in writing about Donny Osmond. No comment.

So far, Linda has set up our MySpace page (which includes songs from the featured Open Mic performers) at www.myspace.com/folkalleyradio, and I placed Folk Alley pages on Facebook and Gather. I’ll do one on Vox as soon as I can figure it out (why do they make navigation harder for the older folks? Facebook is so easy!). If you are out and about, please add your names to our “satallite” sites. Let’s all be friends (or neighbors or buddies or whatever)!

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