Natalie MacMaster – From Cape Breton to Nashville.

Natalie MacMaster grew up playing the fiddle and dancing. Almost every child in Cape Breton did, and still does for that matter. Natalie caught the world’s attention because she’s stayed ahead of tradition. Blueprint pairs revivals of forgotten gems with several newer tunes, each piece sounding unlike the one before it, thanks to the thoughtful insight of producer Darol Anger. The CD pairs her with the Nashville Mafia: Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer, Sam Bush, Alison Brown, and Victor Wooten to mention a few. You’ll be hearing 11 of the 13 selections on Folk Alley, an almost unheard of percentage. And just watch – the biggest argument I’ll hear will be from those wondering why I’m not playing the other 2. Take Blueprint on your next road trip. You’ll get there faster.

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