Name This Blog!


From the very start of Folk Alley, this blog has been a central feature of what we do. Although, even we have to admit, there was a lot less of what we do now way back in 2003. As the FA team looks forward to a site redesign LIKE THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN, we are asking you to help give our blog a proper name as it becomes its own section of FolkAlley.com. What do we mean by a “name?” Check out the NPR Music blogs. They have Ann Powers’ The Record, Bob Boilen’s All Songs Considered, the jazz blog A Blog Supreme – these names give the blog a real space and presence. They also relate to the music and the genre in an interesting way (I’m voting for Monkeypants – it’s a take on a Neil Young song about a guy who smuggled monkeys into the country by hiding them in his pants).

Post your ideas below. We will compile the list and let you all have a vote to determine the winner!

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