Music for the Half-Pipe

So, I’ve been slacking at Folkalley this week. The place wasn’t getting very dirty because everyone was at Folk Alliance. I know Sarah thought I missed everyone because I was washing the same spot on the floor all the time, but that’s the best spot to watch the TV, and the Olympics have been on all week.

I’ve been really impressed by the snow boarders, and thought it was interesting that all these kids rock out on their ipods while they are competing. Do they let the cross country skiers wear ipods?

So anyway, in each of the interviews the kids try to be more cool than the others by naming some obscure band only their friends at school have ever heard about.

But it prompted a question since I’m surrounded by folk music here at the alley. If you were competing as a snow boarder at the Olympics, what folk song would you play as you performed your inverted aerials and 720 spins? I think I’d either listen to Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash or Casey Jones by the Grateful Dead (which may not be technically a folk song, but at least I could borrow the mp3 from the kids).

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