Music Added to Folk Alley for August

Dala – “Everyone is Someone”
Buffy Sainte-Marie – “Running for the Drum”
Dave Alvin & the Guilty Women – “Dave Alvin & the Guilty Women”
WPA – “Works Progress Administration”
John Flynn – “America’s Waiting”
Chris Pandolfi – “Looking Glass”
The Doerfels – “What I’m Waiting For”
Dan May – “The Long Road Home”
Holly Williams – “Here With Me”
Hoots and Hellmouth – “The Holy Open Secret”
Blame Sally – “Night of 1000 Stars”
Yusuf – “Roadsinger”
Debra Cowan – “Fond Desire Farewell”
The Waifs – “From the Union of Soul”
Cary Cooper – “Dirty LIttle Secret”
The Sweetback Sisters – “Chicken Ain’t Chicken”
Special Consensus – “Signs”
Lou Reid & Carolina – “My Own Set of Rules”
Catie Curtis – “Hello, Stranger”
Sweet Bitters – “Sweet Bitters”
Ancient Future – “Planet Passion”
Neil Diamond – “Funny People” soundtrack
Houston Marchman – “Long Gone”
Rachael McShane – “No Man’s Fool”
Who Hit John? – “Heirloom”
Scott Cossu – “Tides Between Us”

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