Miss Tess & The Talkbacks

Miss Tess & The Talkbacks rock an old-school rock-a-billy vibe that is the natural cross of her upbringing in a family fond of American folk and ’30s swing band sounds. Although she started in Maryland, migrating to Boston and NYC, Miss Tess and the band are now calling Nashville home.

Her music is upbeat and dance-worthy, with a contemporary and relatable feel. On her new release ‘Baby, We All Know,’ Miss Tess continues to explore her own personal crossroads of American roots music. This full-length release features eleven finely crafted and well-sung original songs. Heightened by Tess’ prowess on her Weymann archtop guitar, she is accompanied by her top-notch band, The Talkbacks, featuring guitar ace and co-conspirator Thomas Bryan Eaton. The songs were further enlivened with piano, organ, pedal steel, and fiddle in the studio.

Tess studied piano as a child, and continued on as a teenager to take up the guitar and singing, and eventually began her own studies in early jazz and blues. All grown up, Miss Tess and The Talkbacks regularly steal the show at venues with something a little rowdier and more eclectic. Infused with classic country and honky-tonk, southern rhythm & blues, New Orleans jazz and swing, and sounds of swamp pop and early rock n’ roll, she is an embodiment of everything that it still home-grown in America.

Tess and her bandmates stopped by the Beehive Production studio in Saranac Lake, New York, to play a few songs and raise the roof for Folk Alley. Watch exclusive video performances and hear the interview.



Interview and Performance

Little Lola

Ride That Train

It's So Easy To Tell

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