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In August, we ask Folk Alley members for their song requests for a special 4-hour all-request show hosted by Elena See and Cindy Howes. In case you missed it, you can listen here for a limited time!

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Hour 1

Pete Seeger: Dana from Woodbury, MN – Dana says she wants to hear “anything by Pete Seeger just because he’s folk music royalty.”

John Gorka, “Houses In the Fields”: William from Newport, PA – “wants to hear more John Gorka on Folk Alley.”

Kate Wolf, “Here In California”: requested by Linda from Riegelsville, PA – Linda say “Not enough people know about Kate Wolf.”

Metamora, “Little Potato”: this song was requested twice! By Hank in Lancaster, SC and James in Cortland, OH – both members said they were introduced to this song by Jim Blum during his folk radio program on weekend nights on WKSU, in Kent, Ohio many years ago. And they still love it today.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, “This Train”: requested by Dean in Tarrytown, NY

Joni Mitchell, “Circle Game”: requested by Sue in Arlington, MA :: She says, “It’s just a beautiful song — especially for us older folks.”

Tom Rush “Child’s Song”: also requested by Sue in Arlington, MA :: “It’s a beautiful song, thinking about leaving home for all sorts of reasons.”

Dave Van Ronk, “Duncan & Brady” : Scott from Bluffton, SC wanted to hear Tom Rush’s version of this song, but – sorry, Scott – we didn’t have it in our library. We hope Dave Van Ronk’s version is okay.

Linda Ronstadt, “Willin’”: requested by Tom in Manassas Park, VA. Tom says: “I listened to this on a loop while commuting in my car. Her voice was perfect, the music backed her voice perfectly, and this is the best version of a great song.”

John Prine, “Lake Marie”: *LOTS of John Prine songs requested… Stephen, a member in Ottawa, KS asked to hear “anything by John Prine.” And “Lake Marie” was specifically requested by Tom in Manassas Park, VA. He says “its’ one of his absolute best from a prolific and great songwriter.”

Greg Brown, “Ella Mae”: requested by Bill from Pocatello, Idaho. He says: “It’s Greg Brown, live and in full force as a guitarist and vocalist. A timeless poem about family… great intro to boot. This was one of the songs that really sunk its teeth into me over 40 years ago at the Sanctuary in Iowa City, convincing me that I was listening to one of America’s greatest folk singers.”

Hour 2

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, “Crossing the Bar” requested by Chris & Sharie of Lyndonville, VT (formerly of Kent, OH.) They say: “The song was written by Rani Arbo and based upon a poem written by Tennyson. It is about crossing over into eternity at the time of our passing. We used this in my mother’s memorial service in March 2002. It still brings tears to my eyes when I hear it. We recently had the privilege of hearing them perform at Cabot Vermont Music Festival… they are so inspiring in the topics that they cover. They touch everyone in their lives, right where they are at.”

Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin’” requested by Big Al from Cologne, Germany. Big Al says, “When I was 12 (in 1966), I actually “stole” a Beatles LP from my older sister to exchange it for Dylan’s ‘The Times They Are A Changin’’. She forgave me, when I was found out! Thank you and regards from Cologne, Germany. p.s. I’ve been listen to Folk Alley for the last 10 years, almost every day !!!

Fred Neil, “Everybody’s Talkin’” requested by John in Denver, CO. He says the song bring back memories.

Jesse Winchester, “Little Glass of Wine” requested by John in Denver, CO. John says he “was glad to see (the late) Jesse Winchester many times at Daniels Hall at Swallow Hill in Denver.”

David Mallett, “Inches and Miles” requested by Dick in Watertown, MA. Dick says, this is a “great breakup song, on a par with “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”.

Tom Waits, “Day After Tomorrow” requested by Jeff in Waterford, PA

John Prine, “Spanish Pipedream” requested by Jeff in Waterford, PA

Townes Van Zandt, “To Live Is To Fly” requested by Carol in Vermontville, NY. I’m an artist in the Adirondacks, and I LOVE listening to Folk Alley while I’m in my studio. This is one of my favorite songs by Townes Van Zandt.

Grateful Dead, “Ripple” requested by Jason in East Lansing, MI. Jason says he “wants this song played at his funeral”

Indigo Girls, “Romeo & Juliet” requested by Jason in East Lansing, MI

Steve Earle, “The Devil’s Right Hand” requested by Jason in East Lansing, MI

Della Mae, “The Way It Was Before” requested by Bob in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Bob says, “It reminds me how we all need to stand for women’s rights, gun safety, and racial justice.”

Taj Mahal, “Cakewalk Into Town” requested by David in Tempe, AZ. David says, “Blues tuba! ‘Nuff said.”

Hour 3

Josh Ritter & The Milk Carton Kids, “Losing Battles” (acoustic) requested by Jason in Denver, CO…. [this is the acoustic version of the more rockin’ version from Josh’s ‘Fever Breaks’ album]. Jason says, “This song struck me hard during the pandemic years. I fancy the lyrics are describing torches I’ve carried in the past.”

Emmylou Harris, “Rhythm Guitar” requested by Wes in Staunton, VA. Wes says, this is “one of the prettiest songs ever written.”

Peter Rowan, “A Good Woman’s Love” requested by Wes in Staunton, VA. Wes says, this is “quite possibly the best bluegrass songs ever recorded.”

Chris Smither, “Rock ‘n Roll Doctor” requested by David in Austin, TX. [no comments left]

Cormac McCarthy, “Nobody But You” requested by David in Austin, TX. [no comments left]

Steeleye Span, “The Blacksmith” (1971 version) requested by Janet in Radford, VA. Janet says, “Maddy Prior has a wonderful soaring voice in this English traditional song.”

Mary Gauthier, “Mercy Now” requested by Gary in Spencer, NY.

The Travelin’ McCoury’s & Friends, “For What It’s Worth”…. (a cover of the Buffalo Springfield classic) requested by Don & Sheila in Newbury, NH

Elephant Revival, “The Pasture” (instrumental) requested by Jerry & Gail in Palmer, Alaska. They say, “We love contra dancing, but the pandemic has halted that. This song would be the perfect contra dance song – there’s a musical phrase in the song that clearly says, “balance and swing.” It reminds us that we will, someday, dance again.

Odetta, “This Little Light of Mine” (feat. The Holmes Brothers) requested by our friend, Mark in Greenlawn, NY

Corey Harris, “Boats Up River” requested by our friend, Mark in Greenlawn, NY

Phil Ochs, “Power and the Glory” requested by Joel in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Joel says, “this is a rousing tribute to the strength and beauty of America.” [Joel also made many great requests that we’ll try to get to the next time we do this…]

Hour 4

Bob Dylan, “Buckets of Rain”: requested by Kathleen from Mobile, AL :: Kathleen says, “Loves this song, and love this album!”

John McCutcheon & Si Kahn, “One Strong Arm” requested by Frank in Kansas City, MO. Frank says, this is “a song about having the patience, courage, and fortitude to overcome disability.”

Bob Franke, “The Great Storm Is Over” requested by Frank in Kansas City, MO. Frank says, “An inspirational song through tough times.”

Geoff Bartley, “Song To A Hawk” (instrumental) requested by Lindy in Ware Neck, VA. Lindy says, “Geoff’s my brother, and this is one of his best.”

Chris & Thomas, “Take These Thoughts” requested by Joseph in Los Angeles, CA. Joseph says, he loves this song for its “beautiful lyrics and beautiful harmonies”

Buffy Sainte-Marie, “Little Wheel Spin and Spin” requested by Robert in Montclair, NJ. Robert says, “This was the first song to help me realize how life really is, and my place in it.”

Stan Rogers, “The Mary Ellen Carter” requested by Robert in Montclair, NJ. Robert says, “When I’m feeling down, this song always rouses my spirits and gets mee singing.”

John Gorka, “Bright Side of Down” requested by Paul in Silver Springs, MD. Paul says, “I was feeling down the day after the 2016 Election, and this song came up on my playlist and I just kept playing it over and over again. This line was particularly meaningful: “There are a few things we can pass along, and maybe that will be enough; Half the distance to the beautiful, with some of the many ways to love.”….. I’ve since sung this for my neighborhood alley gatherings.

Willis Alan Ramsey, “Ballad of Spider John” requested by Jim in Oconomowoc, WI. Jim says, “I first saw Willis perform on the campus of The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. He was traveling on the college Coffee House Circuit. He was fantastic and played many of the songs on his – one and only – album. “Spider John” is one of my favorites.

Old and In the Way, “Catfish John” (live) requested by Gerry in Whitefield, ME. Gerry says, “While there is a more polished studio version by the Jerry Garcia Band, this live bluegrass version just nails it. With fiddle and banjo solos by Vassar Clemens and Garcia, a solid dose of a young Peter Rowan What could be better!”

Emmylou Harris, “Tulsa Queen” requested by a member who wished to remain anonymous in Boise, ID. She says, I request this in honor of my brother Joe, who awoke me to Emmylou Harris in the 1970s.

The Steel Wheels, “Scrape Me Off the Ceiling” requested by Daniel in Harrisonburg, VA. Daniel says, “this is. one of my favorite songs by this awesome roots band from the Shenandoah Valley.

John Prine, “Angel From Montgomery” requested by Allen in Edgewater, ME.

Bonnie Raitt, “Angel From Montgomery” requested by Allen in Edgewater, ME.

** Allen wants to hear a side-by-side comparison of John Prine’s version of this song and Bonnie Raitt’s version.


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