Folk Alley Sessions: Maya de Vitry

Sometimes even the very best laid plans go a bit awry. And singer/songwriter Maya de Vitry knows that firsthand. A talented fiddler who spent her childhood writing stories and poems, she always figured she’d participate in music in the background. As she got older, however, she realized a whole new world was wide open to her – the world of a singer and songwriter. While that discovery was truly magical, she says, she put it on the back burner for several years to participate in the renowned band The Stray Birds. But now, she’s front and center once again, ready to embrace her voice, her vision, her…SELF.

Maya de Vitry joined us in the studio to share some eye-opening thoughts about what it really took to put together her debut solo album, Adaptations, during a recent session in Nashville, Tennessee.



Interview & Performance

How Do I Get To The Morning

This Side of a Dream

My Body Is a Letter

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