Marriages & Other Pledges of Devotion

Here we go with the big bi-annual Folk Alley Pledge Drive!
Just think….if each of the (at this moment of writing) 54,253 current registered listeners donated just $10., we’d exceed the $75,000 goal mark by almost $470K tout de suite!

It’s team work really – a marriage. The thought occurs to me that this is such a marriage of inequity..I mean to say that in a good marriage, each partner contributes 100% to make things between them sound and good and satisfying, always encouraging growth.

What Folk Alley delivers to me excedes far and beyond what I could possibly EVER pledge to it for the growth and satisfaction it delivers to me. And, as in any good and real and growing relationship, what I hear on Folk Alley can cause me to experience both the joys of laughter and tears, plus thought provoking ideas, leading to growth and action.

I plan to contribute what I can to keep the music streaming. It’s really the least I can do, considering!

How ’bout you? What drives you to contribute to Folk Alley?

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