Madison Violet

Madison Violet have toured internationally and received nominations for East Coast Music Awards. They’ve shared stages with the likes of Ron Sexsmith and The Indigo Girls, but if you haven’t heard of them yet it’s likely because they’ve been winning over fans the good old-fashioned way, one gig at a time. The straight talking duo from Toronto first met in the late 1990s, when Brenley MacEachern was part of the band Zoebliss. Lisa MacIsaac briefly joined the band, and the pair continued collaborating as a duo after Zoebliss broke up in 1999. MacEachern is at home center stage, banjo or guitar in hand. She has the kind of confidence that quickly puts the audience at ease. With an appealing raspiness to her voice she sings with a welcoming warmth. MacIsaac isn’t shy about wowing you with her fiddle skills (as you’d expect from the sister of fiddle dynamo Ashley MacIsaac). But she can start off unassuming on the mic, delivering in a sweet, smooth, airy voice. There is vulnerability in her vocals that is both refreshing and compelling. When the pair bring their voices together in harmony it’s a perfect fit.



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