Lucy Kaplansky Finds Love

An ancient Chinese proverb tells us that an invisible red thread connects a child’s spirit to all of those who will play a part in that child’s life. This thread is extremely important to Lucy Kaplansky who recently traveled to China to adopt a baby. Lucy’s album, The Red Thread, weaves several tales of family, of past indecision, and of hope. The first song may be the most powerful. I Had Something hints of a prior loss, perhaps of a child, and explains how that pain changed into love for an abandoned child. The CD’s title song eloquently expresses her own mother’s sadness in life, but delivers promise as The Red Thread spins from the aging mother to her daughter, and then again to that daughter’s new child. There are also two new perspectives on 9/11. These songs are intensely personal but Lucy’s self disclosure invites us to open our own lives to others. Knowing how another thinks is the only way to understand differences in a world full of ignorance.

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