Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys are in a state of discovery – looking for the “the us-est us” in songs from their album ‘Ionia’ (named for the Michigan city where they recorded it). The band’s new songs reflect a further move away from its traditional bluegrass roots to a space band members – Lindsay, Josh, PJ and Mark – can call their own. Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys’ music keeps the flavor of old-time tunes while reaching out with a contemporary Americana spirit that is fresh and exciting. The band stopped by Beehive Studios in Saranac Lake, New York, to recreate some of the magic they found recording tracks live for ‘Ionia.’

In 2009 The Flatbellys recorded ‘Get ‘Round’ in a house on Foster Ave in Lansing, MI. Josh calls it an unofficial Bluegrass thesis for college years spent studying the topic. Lindsay Lou was a groupie. Soon the band began to splinter for post-college activities and Lindsay left the country for her final semester. She returned with a suitcase full of songs, which she recorded with the remaining Flatbellys. They toured with a rotating cast of characters, solidifying the current lineup in 2013. This year sees the band making two trips to the UK for tours, including the Shetland Folk Festival, and extensive touring of the US, including an appearance at the Stagecoach Music Festival put on by Coachella in SoCal.



Interview and Performance

Hot Hands

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Everything Changed

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