Leon Redbone has Laryngitis

Well, so much for that. Redbone will still be on Jim’s show tonight beginning at 9 p.m. EST (you can listen to WKSU’s stream at wksu.org), but I don’t know how much he’s going to be able to say. The song stylist has cancelled his appearance tomorrow night at the Kent Stage (it’s been rescheduled for May 1). Jim says Redbone feels terrible about canceling and when he comes back in a month or so, he’s promised to sit down and give us a right fine interview (so, the questions folks sent in will still see the light of day) for the Folk Alley Extras page. In the meantime, add Leon Redbone to the list of people that have been felled by the winter of 2005. Personally, I feel like there’s an elephant on my chest – and not in a good way.

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