Keep the Folk Music Alive

Folk Alley was launched on September 8, 2003 to provide folk music over the Internet on a 24/7 basis. Most of you are probably painfully aware that the small amount of folk music programming that was available on radio continues to evaporate like the rain on Bourbon Street in July. WKSU has taken a leap of faith in the folk music community by investing the capital required to make Folk Alley a reality. Our plans are ambitions and we have much more on the planning table yet to come. With your help, Folk Alley will keep on going and folk music will be at your disposal when you want it and not relegated to some late night weekend program that is often not a part of your daily routine.

As we say here at Folk Alley, “It’s all about the music,” but it’s also about building an international community of folk music listeners who enjoy and support our efforts. Folk music is by definition a music of the people, music that is played in the home, on the streets, coffee houses, clubs and the concert stage. The folk music heart is rooted firmly in people and the traditions that we leave for each generation.

The desire of Folk Alley is to keep the music in the hands of listeners. So, please, make a pledge from your heart for the music we all love. Folk music is one tradition worth keeping alive and, with your support, we can do just that for you and for those who rely on this wonderful service.

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