June 26, 2007 is a Day of Silence for Internet Radio

Tuesday, June 26, Internet broadcasters come together to support a Day of Silence to demonstrate what the Web would sound like if music streaming was forced to shut down due to increased royalty rates. Folk Alley has decided not to go silent but instead to be loud and proud. Please, if you feel strongly about our service, tell your U.S. Senator and Representative. Already, Congress is hearing your collective voices and they are taking actions to counteract the new rates put in place by the Copyright Royalty Board, which are set to be enacted on July 15. The proposed rates are more than 7 times those paid by satellite broadcasts (radio does not pay these royalties) and must be supported by a complex reporting system that will require many, many man hours each month. The fees will be retroactive to Jan. 1, 2006 and could eventually total more than Folk Alley’s yearly budget.

Visit Folk Alley’s Save Net Radio page for a full list of U.S. Representatives that have officially added their support to H.R. 2060, the Internet Equality Act and additional information on making your voice heard. This royalty increase affects all webcasters, commercial and public without taking size, public service or financial situation into account (small, independent and educational webcasters will be especially hard hit). We love artists, that’s why we want to be around for a long time to come to promote and support folk music, spreading its reach around the globe through Internet streaming.

Speak up! Be loud on the Day of Silence!

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