Jonathan Edwards

Singer/songwriter Jonathan Edwards has had a four-decade career of writing and performing songs that speak to the human condition. A folk musician that turned out the massive Top-40 hit “Sunshine,” Edwards is the true definition of a traveling troubadour. Learn more about his adventures along the way in an interview with Folk Alley’s Jim Blum.

Edwards spent his childhood in Minnesota and Virginia before heading to art school in Ohio and then off to Boston, where he caught the final moments of the original folk revival. After going electric with a band, Edwards unplugged and turned his first solo album into a huge success – thanks to the last-minute addition of the anti-war anthem “Sunshine.” He tried to take a break from touring by moving to his farm in Nova Scotia, but music called him back in the form of Emmylou Harris, who asked Edwards to provide backing vocals on “Elite Hotel.” Connections led to other opportunities for Edwards, including recording a bluegrass album with The Seldom Scene and a Country-tinged Nashville record. And, after 40+ years on the road, he’s still bringing his music to the people.



Interview and Performance

Johnny Blue Horizon

Crazy Texas Woman

My Love Will Keep

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