Janis Ian

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter began playing piano at 2, was nominated for a Grammy by 16 and earned a permanent place in the American musical and cultural consciousness with “At Seventeen” – the quintessential song for the awkward teenage years. Still writing exciting music 40 years later, she has captured her amazing journey in a new book, Society’s Child: My Autobiography. Each chapter is named after a different song, which are in turn brought together on Best of Janis Ian: The Autobiography Collection, a 2-CD set of her remastered hits. Ian stopped by the Folk Alley studios to speak with Jim Blum about revisiting her life for the recent projects, her disastrous marriage, dealing with hypocrites and bigots (reacting to the mixed race relationship in “Society’s Child” and her longterm lesbian relationship), and finding new fans through the Internet. Listen (or watch) the interview and enjoy Ian as she sings songs new and familiar.


Janis Ian Interview

At Seventeen

Married in London

My Autobiography

Society's Child

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